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…former Ennis police chief

Funeral for Weaver James Hickman, 96, who died Friday in a rest home, will be at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in Owens & Brumley Funeral Chapel, with burial in Emerald Hills Cemetery at Kennedale.
Hickman had lived in Fort Worth 37 years. He was police chief at Ennis for many years after 1916 and was a farmer in the Ennis are in the 1930s.
During the 1940s, he owned two restaurants in downtown Fort Worth.

Surviving are seven daughters, Mrs. Samuel V. Jones of Lake Dallas, Mrs. D.W. Blue of Midland, Mrs. Letha McKay of La Place, La., Mrs. Nova Young of Arizona, Mrs. Martha Koenies of Illinois, and Mrs. Alma Cahill and Mrs. Kathlyn Andres of Hammond, Ind; a son, James W. Hickman of Heidelberg, Germany; 27 grandchildren; and several great-greatchildren.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Need OBITS from Orange Leader Newspaper or other at the time &/or surrounding areas

Gertrude Ham Barton 11/92 ?poss death cert too?
William Walker Barton “Billy” 12/91
William Edward Barton “Curry” 12/79

Lera Lawis Coon 3/92
Gerald Dean Coon 2/78
Mark Rayford Coon 11/82

William Ernest Blue 8/87 ?poss death cert too?
Eva Dell Stevens Blue 3/56 ?poss death cert too?

Mary Louise Mulford Stevens 1991

Need OBITS from Ft Worth or surrounding papers:

Dorothy Hickman Dumas Jones
Samuel Verdell Jones

Robert Mose Dumas 9/1992

Weaver James Hickman 9/78 ?poss death cert too?
(Frenchy)???? I have name somewhere…maybe on headstone at cemetery??
**I may have some of these already but was just going off the top of my head just now while I’m thinking about it.

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GRS Marriage Records MISSISSIPPI

This is by no means ALL of Mississippi early-mid marriages and other sources should be checked in addition to the GRS records if the desired record is not present.

Alcorn Co. MS.
J. R. Hickman Jan 30, 1866
Lydia Phillips

Luetta Hickman July 08, 1896
H. H. Dick

Amite Co. MS.
William Hickman Sept 21, 1809
Sarah Durdno

William Hickman April 07, 1810
___, Ashley

Attala Co. MS.
A. C. Hickman Apr 14, 1898
Miss G. L. Haynes

Bolivar Co. Ms.
J. W. Hickman Jan 07, 1888
Mary Ann Burroghs

Ellen Hickman Feb 06, 1890
Charles Cross

Laurence Hickman March 05, 1881
Jennie Lynn

W. M. Hickman Jan 08, 1885
Clarissa Young

Carroll Co. MS.
Dona Hickman Dec 03, 1876
E. W. Hammonds

J. L. Hickman Feb 17, 1876
M. A. Wilson

Jack Hickman April 21, 1878
Ann Hunter

N. J. Hickman Dec 03, 1876
J. P. Nail

Claiborne Co. MS.
Hansford Hickman Dec 14, 1850
Marian Carleile

Paris A. Hickman Nov 17, 1828
Phoebe Taylor

Clay Co. MS.
Ewell Hickman Dec 31, 1886
Polly Jordan

Coahoma Co. MS.
William Hickman Oct 08, 1891
Mattie Baxton

Endy Hickman May 17, 1891
Burrell Hampton

Emanuel Hickman April 28, 1867
Nancy Simmons

Lizzie Hickman Nov 11, 1896
James Poe

Mary Hickman Nov 28, 1890
Bert Scales

William Hickman Oct 08, 1891
Mattie Baxton

Copiah Co. MS.
A. J. Hickman Dec 03, 1875
Missouri J. Beasley

Angeline Hickman Dec 18, 1872
Robert Ford

F. M. Hickman Dec 21, 1854
Mary M. Harper

Allie Hickman Sept 29, 1860
Gilbert Rogers

Asberry D. Hickman Feb 04, 1858
Malissa A. Tillman

Brinkley Hickman March 18, 1845
Nancy Sustrunk

Mrs. M. M. Hickman Nov 12, 1866
Jno A. Parker

Mrs Nancy Hickman March 04, 1857
J. E. Wilson

Sarah Ann Hickman ___,1836
Allen Tyler

Covington Co. MS.
J. A. Hickman April 14, 1914
Alice Fairchild

M. O. Hickman Jan 28, 1906
Annie Rutland

De Soto Co. MS.
Leddie Hickman March 25, 1895
Willie Battle

Lyda Hickman May 02, 1894
Monroe Gibson

Forrest Co. MS.
Harry Vance Hickman Dec 09, 1915
Almgra Louise Travis

Katie Hickman Jan 16, 1917
Harry Warden

W. C. Hickman Jan 30, 1909
Blanche Overstreet

Franklin Co. MS.
Emily L. Hickman Nov 20, 1832
Richard K. Woodson

Patsey Hickman Feb 21, 1831
James White

George Co. MS.
W. A. Hickman Sept 02, 1914
Gertrude Hartzoe

Hancock Co. MS.
J. E. Hickman June 01, 1882
Maudy Strahan

Melicy Jane Hickman Feb 26, 1880
Joseph R. Perkins

Harrison Co. MS.
Eldy J. Hickman Dec 31, 1865
William A. Bell

Mary Jane Hickman Oct 17, 1850
Joshua Bond

David Hickman Nov 19, 1885
Nicy Bond

Dairs Hickman Nov 07, 1885
Nicy Ann Bond

Samuel Hickman March 05, 1847
Polly Bond

Elizabeth Hickman Oct 07, 1880
C. C. Breland

Elizabeth M. Hickman Oct 04, 1880
C. C. Breland

Brantley B. Hickman Aug 24, 1878
Lucretia Lott

Marandey Hickman Dec 11, 1879
Wesley Miles

Marandy Hickman Dec 06, 1879
Wesley Miles

Mary Hickman Aug 06, 1868
Francis W. Lott

Mary Hickman Dec 12, 1865
Thomas Smith

William Hickman Feb 05, 1880
Mary McMillan

William Hickman Feb 03, 1880
Mary C. McMillan

William Hickman Aug 27, 1868
Amanda L. Terrill

William Hickman Jr. Aug 20, 1867
Amanda Lucinda Terrill

Humphreys Co. MS.
Ella Hickman Feb 24, 1918
Herbert Houston

Issaquena Co. MS.
Charley Hickman Oct 09, 1893
Elvira Jackson

Herman Hickman Jan 14, 1867
Patricia Taylor

Ittawamba Co. MS.
John C. Hickman Nov 21, 1854
Amanda Parlin

Jasper Co. MS.
Pearl Hickman Jan 03, 1909
A. B. Anderson

Bertha Hickman Nov 03, 1907
O. E. James

Candice Hickman Jan 26, 1922
Will Moore

Susie Hickman Apr 14, 1907
J. B. Murray

Jefferson Co. MS.
Florence Hickman Mar 08, 1884
Ellen Clark

Jacob Hickman Dec 19, 1855
Jane McGary

T.F.H. Hickman Dec 13, 1882
Sallie Lacey

Kemper Co. MS.
Charlie Hickman Jul 14, 1961
Ruth Frazier

Onie Hickman Mar 05, 1963
James Jackson

Roberta Hickman Jan 23, 1919
W. M. Rountree

Lauderdale Co. MS.
J. M. Hickman Nov 01, 1881
Miss E. L. Gressett

Lawrence Co. MS.
Patsy Hickman Feb 23, 1853
Thompson Brister

Ferabe Hickman Jul 10, 1821
William Brister

Sallie Hickman Jul 22, 1891
F. H. Butler

Amanda Hickman Nov 26, 1891
J. L. Catt

Nancy Hickman Jan 05, 1824
Drury H. Chandler

Martha E. Hickman Jul 12, 1877
Calvin J. Clark

R. Hickman Jul 22, 1866
Thornhill Dickerson

Isaac A. Hickman Nov 12, 1874
Franka A. Ferguson

Allack Hickman Apr 22, 1866
Margaret Hammons

E. V. Hickman Nov 23, 1891
L. L. Polk

J. A. Hickman Sep 10, 1855
Rebecca Prine

J. W. Hickman Dec 31, 1896
R. E. White

Jacob Hickman Jun 24, 1823
John Keen

Jacob Hickman Jul 12, 1823
Susan Price

Joe A. Hickman May 26, 1879
Ann Niece

John Hickman Jan 09, 1825
Mary Ann Moore

Mary Hickman Jan 18, 1833
Thomas H. Law

Nancy Hickman Jan 05, 1824
Drury H. Chandler

Lee Co. MS.
Annie Hickman Jan 30, 1904
Bill McCammery

Carrie Hickman Jan 07, 1909
Lige Simon

Mose Hickman Sep 28, 1903
Carrie Roby

T.B. Hickman Dec 12 1867
Miss M C. Hill

T. B. Hickman Jan 28 1869
Miss M. A. Savagem

Leflore Co. MS.
John Hickman Feb 01, 1877
Polly Hatchett

Catherine F. Hickman Mar 10, 1910
J. P. Christman

Jennie Hickman May 16, 1891
Benjamin Malone

John Hickman Feb 01, 1877
Polly Hatchett

John Hickman Aug 23, 1877
Sue Kelly

Lincoln Co. MS.
James M. Hickman Feb 27, 1897
Mamie Allen

Tom W. Hickman Apr 08, 1913
Roby Applewhite

Pearl Hickman Apr 16, 1913
Hance W. Chain

Jessie W. Hickman Dec 23, 1907
Lena Hart

Beecker Hickman Feb 03, 1904
Ella Terrell

Dora Hickman May 15, 1894
C. W. Osteen

Lowndes Co. MS.
Mary Hickman Mar 06, 1895
James Bailey

Winston Hickman Jan 11, 1864
Malvina Black

Sarah H. Hickman Oct 12, 1852
John A. Harbinson

Elvira Hickman Apr 19, 1851
James Harbison

Coggin Hickman Dec 23, 1880
Harriet Kolb

Corin Hickman Jan 05, 1898
Martha Thomas

Fanny Hickman Dec 12, 1885
James Miller

James C. Hickman Oct 13, 1863
Martha J. Trammell

Jane Hickman Feb 16, 1888
Toby Kidd

John A. Hickman Nov 22, 1853
Adaline Rainey

Lee Hickman Feb 11, 1892
Mattie Lawrence

Louisa Hickman Jan 21, 1856
Henry H. Robertson

Sylvester Hickman Oct 26, 1890
Cordelia Johnson

Madison Co. MS.
Nancy Hickman Dec 21, 1853
James Brown

Sarah Hickman Nov 25, 1850
Jesse Brown

W. R. Hickman Feb 02, 1875
Mrs. M. A. Brown

Juliet Hickman Dec 27, 1848
Wm H. Center

J. H. Hickman Feb 28, 1872
S. J. Coleman

Lelah Hickman Dec 20, 1873
W. L. Davis

J. D. Hickman Dec 18, 1876
Bettie Wilhoyte

Julia Hickman Dec 21, 1899
W. L. Melton

Sue Hickman Oct 08, 1868
W. A. Jordan

Marshall Co. MS.
John Hickman Sep 03, 1898
Lena McDonald

Sissie Hickman Jun 12, 1896
Walter McDonald

Monroe Co. MS.
Wesley Hickman Dec 11, 1895
Wilaby Cockerham

Neshoba Co. MS.
John Hickman Feb 04, 1917
Jewel Boswell

Oktibbeha Co. MS.
Frank Hickman Mar 16, 1896
Dinkie Lumpkin

James Hickman Dec 24, 1895
Mary Alice Smith

Mandy Hickman Nov 15, 1896
James Jones

Pearl River Co. MS.
Isa Hickman Dec 19, 1916
Harrison Dedeaux

Eugene Hickman Jan 26, 1916
Sedona Dedeaux

Perry Co. MS.
Lula Hickman May 12, 1902
T. W. Moore

Pontotoc Co. MS.
R. H. Hickman Mar 03, 1853
Lucy Ann Aikins

Robert Hickman Feb 28, 1852
Susan Akins

____ Hickman Nov 22, 1862
Mary Kiy

James A. Hickman May 22, 1860
Amanda A. Pruitt

Wm F. Hickman Nov 24, 1862
Mary Kee

Printiss Co. MS.
Mary Hickman Jan 14, 1890
H. A. Parker

Quitman Co. MS.
James Hickman Dec 27, 1891
Henrietta Ephrain

Rankin Co. MS.
George Hickman Jul 25, 1836
Mary Blake

Fannie Hickman Apr 12, 1888
Louis Davis

Jessie Hickman Aug 21, 1834
Harriet Kenton

Jessie Hickman Aug 20, 1834
Harriet Kenton

Mary Hickman Mar 07, 1871
Madison Robbins

Will Hickman Feb 02, 1892
Mariah Lewis

Scott Co. MS.
Rachal Hickman Mar 04, 1885
Thomas Newell

Sharkey Co. MS.
Rena Hickman Apr 24, 1888
H. S. Durkins

Frank Hickman Apr 03, 1878
Lucy Palmer

Stone Co. MS.
P. W. Hickman Apr 29, 1917
Emma Alexander

R. D. Hickman Jun 04, 1932
Augestine Bang

Millard Hickman Jul 29, 1930
Mrs. Edwina Smith Bond

Elly Hickman Jun 14, 1919
Pearlie Bond

Elsie Hickman Jul 18, 1917
C. C. Broadus

Gracie Hickman Oct 22, 1921
Rex Butler

Davis Hickman Nov 20, 1917
Lula Cobb

Gladys Leona Hickman Oct 19, 1935
Crumpton Cooper

Amanda Hickman Nov 07, 1920
Avery Cox

J. R. Hickman Aug 24, 1935
Marita Davis

Teshia Hickman Mar 03, 1918
J. J. Dedeaux

Hugh Hickman Oct 12, 1916
Bennelia Deveraux

Hugh Hickman Oct 12, 1916
Bennelia Deviraux

Piccola Hickman Sep 09, 1930
Nolan A. Evans

Junia Hickman Aug 17, 1918
Floyd Fairley

Pearl Hickman Apr 20, 1918
Robert Hester

Arthur Hickman May 09, 1920
Elsie Lyons

Clifton Hickman Jun 09, 1928
Lucie Smith

Delphia Hickman May 30, 1917
Henry Lott

Doris Hickman Aug 24, 1935
Madie Parker

E. J. Hickman Oct 06, 1922
C. B. Jones

Emet Hickman Jul 08, 1920
Delia Swilly

Eva Hickman Jul 06, 1926
Nolan L. Ladner

Gertrude Hickman Jan 14, 1925
Lemon Hughes

Lula Hickman Sep 16, 1929
W. W. Nelson

Margie Hickman Dec 25, 1920
A. A. Lyons

Mathew Hickman Jan 15, 1930
Christine Phillips

Myrtle Hickman Apr 08, 1922
Arthur Morse

Ola Hickman Aug 19, 1923
Lenard Hughes

Ruby Hickman Aug 04, 1923
Harmon Lee

Versie Hickman Apr 08, 1935
Lania Warden

Walter Hickman Jun 08, 1919
Emma Johnson

Winnie Hickman Mar 28, 1932
W. M. Water

Union Co. MS.
Minerva Hickman Mar 05, 1886
Henry Collins

Nannie Hickman Dec 24, 1888
Wesley Conrwell

Maria Hickman Dec 24, 1888
Wesley Dye

Bob Hickman Jul 08, 1880
Malissa Martin

J. C. Hickman Dec 22, 1881
Julia Jackson

Jim Hickman May 06, 1882
Mattie Williams

M.N. Hickman Aug 18, 1879
Nancy Pannell

M. W. Hickman Nov 15, 1884
Miss N. C. J. Pannell

Maranda Hickman Dec 31, 1878
Andrew Martin

Mary Hickman Jan 11, 1881
Lee Martin

Washington Co. MS.
Edward Hickman Apr 29, 1871
Frances Buckner

Ella Hickman Jan 02, 1893
Sam Cotton

Francis Hickman Aug 18, 1894
James Dodson

David Hickman Jun 23, 1877
Ellen Wallace

Ed Hickman Oct 02, 1877
Pleasant Williams

Ellen Hickman Feb 21, 1884
J. H. Robinson

Frank Hickman Jun 10, 1884
Carolie Houston

French Hickman Jan 01, 1896
Mattie Jones

Maria Hickman Jan 03, 1874
George Williams

Mary Williams Nov 30, 1883
Hugh Lawson

Mary Ann Hickman Jul 28, 1883
Jessie Keegin

Wm Hickman Dec 28, 1807
Rebeccah Francis

Winston Co. MS.
A. C. Hickman Jan 10, 1882
Mattie Bryant

Sam Hickman Dec 31, 1885
Esther Cockburn

Peter Hickman Aug 28, 1886
E. Estes

Julie Hickman Dec 12, 1894
A. H. Fulton

John Hickman Jan 28, 1891
Mahalia Gage

Ben Hickman Jan 06, 1897
Mattie Harris

George Hickman May 07, 1874
Sarah Harris

Lizzie Hickman Apr 20, 1895
Jim Hathorn

Ella Hickman Jul 09, 1894
Richard Higgans

James W. Hickman Dec 28, 1859
Lucenda A. Simmons

Lee Hickman Oct 12, 1895
Willie Pearl Lampley

Maggie Hickman Mar 23, 1887
Joe Hudson

Martha Hickman Nov 07, 1893
Josh Meredick

Mollie Hickman Nov 08, 1884
George Rodgers

Patience Hickman Aug 16, 1843
Jno W. Patty

S. A. Hickman Jun 30, 1858
William T. Huntley

S. J. Hickman Oct 11, 1887
J. O. Johnson

Sallie Hickman Jan 11, 1888
Frank Steward

Wm A. Hickman Oct 19, 1844
Sarah P. Mcadory

Wm J. Hickman Feb 16, 1842
Sarah Ann Moore

Yazoo Co. MS.
Bettie Hickman 5 6 ??
Geroge Fa_ xton

Bettie Hickman Dec 24, 1896
George Barton

Sue Hickman Dec 03, 1900
Charly Johnson

Susie Hickman Dec 24, 1893
William Jackson

GRS Marriage Records ARKANSAS

This is by no means ALL of ARKANSAS early-mid marriages and other sources should be checked in addition to the GRS records if the desired record is not present.

Calhoun Co. AK.
Thomas Hickman Jan 19, 1865
Mary Lassister

Garland Co. AK.
Eddie Mae Hickman March 01, 1942
Otha Allen Burns

Cleo Hickman March 01, 1933
W. W. Caulder

Mary Susan Hickman Feb __, 1885
B. W. Cogman

Sarah Hickman (no date entered)
H. B. Coker

Hempstead Co. AK.
Cressy Hickman Aug 04, 1822
Tandy Walker

Saline Co. AK.
Martin Hickman March 10, 1875
Ellen O. Hale

John Hickman Feb 28, 1861
Mary Heffley

Benjamin F. Hickman Oct 26, 1856
Catherine Lindsey

Franklin Hickman June 18, 1848
Tabitha Lindsey

Jason W. Hickman Feb 18, 1846
Lorenz Hooper

Joseph Hickman Feb 13, 1853
Elizabeth Lindsey

Martin V. Hickman July 07, 1867
Naoma James

Martha E. Hickman Sept 26, 1872
Wm. A. Sivels

Nancy Ann Hickman Sept 06, 1846
Benjamin H. Mayee

Stone Co. AK.
Betty Hickman Feb 01, 1880
James Franks

Leonard Hickman Aug 12, 1880
Sarah Lopers

Washington Co. AK.
Lewis Hickman Oct 15, 1873
Lovinta Black

GRS Marriage Records TEXAS

This is by no means ALL of Texas early-mid marriages and other sources should be checked in addition to the GRS records if the desired record is not present.

Anderson Co. TX
John Hickman Feb 13, 1884
Georgia Ann English

Brazoria Hickman Oct 29, 1855
J.M. Freeman

Bosque Co. TX.
Neomi Amanda Hickman June 26, 1895
W. C. Duffle

Simpson C. Hickman Jan 20, 1895
Annie L. Rogers

Coke Co. TX.
Callie Hickman Jan 02, 1900
W. R. Williams

Dallas Co. TX.
Cynthia Hickman Dec 25, 1879
Will Scott

Deaf Smith Co. TX.
Rebecca Jean Hickman June 14, 1974
Eric James Boettcher

Glenn Hickman March 25, 1920
Mrs. Callye Cockrum

Eastland Co. TX.
Frank Hickman Oct 24, 1887
Nannie Lacy

Ellis Co. TX.
Miss M.E. Hickman July 29, 1886
T. B. Cain

Wm P. Hickman Dec 20, 1885
Angeline Cunningham

Thomas Hickman Dec 25, 1884
Mary J. Davis

James A. Hickman Nov 20, 1884
Nannie H. Foster

A. E. Hickman Nov 25, 1886
Adda Walker

S. Hickman Nov 14, 1883
Mrs Blanche Thompson

Hunt Co. TX.
Charlottie Hickman Dec 09, 1886
Thomas Beazley

A.J. Hickman April 28, 1889
Sallie Wright

Henretta Hickman May 16, 1880
J. W. Williams

Jas M. Hickman Aug 29, 1871
Harriet B. Mixon

Susan Hickman Aug 19, 1869
Chas Porter

Jack Co. TX.
Corrie Hickman Jan 20, 1889
Henry L. Black

Arabella Hickman Dec 23, 1896
W. L. Choice

Virginia A. Hickman Feb 12, 1888
John B. Evans

W. F. Hickman Dec 22, 1896
Minnie Gwynn

A. C. Hickman Oct 28, 1883
Lillie Treece

Clawson Hickman Jan 02, 1887
N. S. Leatherwood

J. M. Hickman Jan 12, 1890
Addie H. Toler

J. W. Hickman March 14, 1886
M. A. Lovelace

Jennie Hickman Aug 10, 1886
J. L. Hollars

Maggie Hickman May 05, 1895
W. A. Langston

Jefferson Co. TX.
Celia Hickman Sept 17, 1842
A. J. Chesher Sept 18, 1842 *two entries correct

Martha Hickman March 15, 1841
James Chesner Jr.

Cynthia Hickman Oct 27, 1850
John Richardson Jr.

Lamar Co. TX.
Jutha Hickman Dec 03, 1863
Gilford Bridges

John Hickman Jan 22, 1852
Sintha Robertson

June Hickman Feb 29, 1872
James L. Read

Navarro Co. TX.
Francis Hickman Aug 10, 1860
J. R. Rue

Newton Co. TX.
Wyatt Hickman June 20, 1847
Mary Dickerson

Louisa Hickman Feb 09, 1857
John W. Williams

Theophilus Hickman July 31, 1852
Anna Wilburn

Polk Co. TX.
M. Hickman May 18, 1861
J. A. Felker

William Hickman March 29, 1847
Catherine Hornsby

Taylor Co. TX.
Myrtle Hickman March 21, 1895
B. H. Wilcox

Tyler Co. TX.
J. M. Hickman Feb 14, 1884
Pearl E. Allison

Wise Co. TX.
Nevada Hickman Oct 21, 1888
Charlie Cross

F. N. Hickman April 14, 1892
Allice Poarch

Nancy Hickman Dec 31, 1891
R. R. Latham

Jane Hickman Nov 25, 1889
Matthew Tucker

Monday, August 20, 2007

Weaver leaves home

I need to get this down before I forget. I saw Daddy this weekend and had him quickly glance over the site and he asked me if I had this story that PaPa related to him. I told Daddy that although I had heard the story before that I did not think it could be true because Weaver was in Llano Co, then moved to Ennis with the family, then as far as I could determine was married about age 18 and did not think the timeline of left home at (age) 16 could fit, but actually it does work so here is the story. On the tape Weaver talks about that he left home at age 16. On the property that his family had there was a piece of "bottom land" that could not be planted as it would "wash out" all the time. (See this could not have been Llano too well due to the land conditions). His Father, Tom, told him he could have the little section of land to plant a crop on and if it made anything the profits would be his. Weaver planted some cotton and the area did not wash out and he was able to get a couple of bales to market. With the money he left home and went to the Dallas area.

Now, the story works if the area in question is Ennis. It also goes along with the early reported photo of Weaver of about age 16 and his hair is parted in the middle and he seems to have a nice new suit on.

Weaver could have accomplished all this AND get back to Ennis to time to marry Elsie and later Jessie.

So now, I just gotta prove was it Ennis? or did he actually plant cotton in Llano?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ethel Jean Hickman Blue

Mother was name Ethel, after her beloved Grandmother, Ethel Clara/Claire Austin Ham and Jean Harlow. Grandmother Gertrude loved watching glamerous actress Jean Harlow on the movie screen.

After I was born Mother and Grandmother took me to the nursing home where Grandmother Ham had been confined after a stroke. After seeing me and Mother, Grandmother Ham said she had to get out of there so she could take care of me. Grandmother Barton (Gertrude) told her not to worry about it 'cause "Jean takes care of that baby better than you did us"!

Grandmother Ham passed away a short time later in 1953 and is buried in Colfax LA.

Mother told me how sad she was to see her beloved Grandmother in the nursing home; they had shaved her head because of an outbreak of lice in the facility. I don't know if that meant she had NO hair or it had grown back in some and was that ugly shaggy stage or what.

Why is it we never ask the really important questions we would like answered until our loved ones are gone? I've a million and one questions for Mother.